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November 8-12

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Attendee guide

How to join a live session

In order to join a session live you need to add the session(s) to your personalized "My Schedule" page. To do this, visit the Session catalog and start 'scheduling' the sessions you wish to attend live. Your upcoming sessions will be listed as upcoming session on the attendee portal Homepage and in your My Schedule. Just click on the "Join session" button at the start time to join them live.

If you are experiencing problems with accessing the session altogether, please try clicking on the session title and using the “join session” button in there. If this still does not work, please contact with subject “cannot access live session” and the following information:

  • Which browsers/operating systems you have tried
  • Screenshots of any error messages

Start scheduling

How to join a live Q&A session

Please note that live Q&As are linked with on-demand sessions and we recommend that you view the session in advance of attending the Q&A. The on-demand sessions can be found here.

Please follow the instructions above, but it’s worth calling out that because the Live speaker Q&A sessions are interactive you may also want to do a tech-check, so that when you join you’ll be able to access your camera/microphone (as needed). We have created the following FAQ info sheet to help you have a smooth experience as an attend. If you are experiencing issues with your audio/mic/webcam, make sure that no other application is linked to your devices and review this info. You can review full FAQs on the tech used for the interactive speaker Q&As.

If you are experiencing problems with accessing the session altogether, please try clicking on the session title and using the “join session” button in there. If this still does not work, please contact with subject “cannot access live session” and the following information:

  • Which browsers/operating systems you have tried
  • Screenshots of any error messages

Check your tech

If you are experiencing an issue with audio or visual when you enter a live session:

We suggest the following troubleshooting options which have proved to solve the issue:

  • Try using Chrome or Firefox as your web browser
  • Try rebooting your machine
  • Try accessing the 'View session' link by getting to the session through the session catalog in the attendee portal instead of your My Schedule, or a previously downloaded calendar invite
  • Click the session title, then click "Join session"
  • Ensure no other applications are linked to your webcam/audio devices
  • Disconnect from any VPN
  • Check firewall settings
  • Turn off content blockers

Please remember that all live sessions will be available right away and will be available to view on-demand for 6 months, so you will have plenty of time to catch up with them if you do miss one!

Help Desk

Accessible from the Connect tab, simply hop into the interactive Help Desk room in the Community Zone and ask the Summit Team any questions you may have about the conference. The team is dedicated to making your online experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible, and this interactive area will be open throughout the conference, so please stop by at any time during conference hours. If you have a technical query, please review the above resources and if in doubt, please email with a screen-shot of your issue, session info and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Visit the help desk

Sessions & speakers

We know that the majority of you are registered for Summit because of the knowledge you're hoping to gain from attending, and this year's conference is jam packed with nearly 300 sessions and industry leading speakers! You're guaranteed to find the data platform training you need to help you level up your career and personal development.

Sessions will be available within the online platform, RainFocus, a cloud-based platform that powers some of the largest and most sophisticated event portfolios in the world.

The conference schedule runs from 8AM – 5PM EST daily. The event time zone in addition to your browser's time zone will be displayed on each session. While this time zone has been chosen to suit the majority of registered attendees, we understand that many attendees will be tuning in at different times, consuming content at times that suit them.

We have 3 session types at Summit: Live Sessions, On-Demand + Live Speaker Q&As (to go with On-Demand videos). Sessions will be broadcast in both live and on-demand formats, so you can enjoy all of the content you want to see, however you want, wherever you are in the world.

All of the on-demand session speakers will host a live Q&A, allowing you to digest the on-demand session in your own time, but giving you the opportunity to connect and interact live with the speaker. If you're attending the Q&A, don't forget to book time to watch the On-Demand session videos. All live sessions will also be made available on-demand just as soon as they've been presented live and have rendered in the platform.

Education and learning is at the heart of Summit, and this year's online platform will allow you to digest the content at a time that's best for your schedule.

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We also know that networking is one of the main reasons data professionals look forward to attending Summit. We've put a lot of time and thought into how to simulate the experiences you'd get from meeting fellow attendees in real life. We realize it won't be exactly the same as an in-person setting, but we encourage you to take advantage of the innovative technology we will be using to help you interact with one another and build lasting relationships with other data professionals.

PASS Data Community Summit will allow you to interact and join in the conversation from wherever you are in the world—now that's something to celebrate! We hope you'll take some time out between sessions to visit the interactive Community Zone, where you can experience serendipitous "hallway chats" typical at in-person events. You'll be able to jump into online video-networking powered by SpatialChat, an innovative platform that provides immersive networking experiences for conference attendees.


If you cannot share your screen in the Community Zone…

The only rooms with screenshare enabled are:

  • Help Desk
  • Games Room
  • SQL Karaoke

If you have attempted to share your screen in any of these rooms and cannot, this problem may be related to your Network Security, VPN, or antivirus.

If you find this is not the issue, actions which can help are:

  • Refreshing the page
  • Clearing cache
  • Restarting browser
  • Closing unnecessary browser tabs
  • Closing programs that can use the camera (for example, zoom)
  • Trying Incognito Mode

For more information on system settings recommendations SpatialChat have some helpful documentation

Visit the Sponsors to learn—and win!

This year's Expo Zone features some of the leading providers and innovators in the data technology space. Visit our Expo Zone to interact with sponsors & exhibitors, and learn about the latest tools available to help you. There will be special Live Expo Hours where you can text chat with sponsor representatives and get answers in real time. Collect points by completing different challenges, earn digital ribbons, and climb up the leaderboard for daily giveaways!

Visit the expo lounge

Live Discussions & Demos

Throughout the conference you can tune into live discussions and demos from across the data platform ecosystem. You'll be able to interact with sponsors who will be demoing the latest innovations and technologies live, and ask questions about how they can help you. Favorite these sessions so they appear on your 'My Schedule' and find out more about the solutions within the ecosystem.

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On-Demand Access

Remember, all registered attendees will have On-Demand Access to the sessions within the event platform for 6 months following the event, so you can relive conference content afterwards at a time that best suits your schedule.

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PASS Data Community Summit Code of Conduct

Summit is intended to be a safe, welcoming, and inclusive experience for all attendees. We're committed to ensuring that the conference is an enjoyable and harassment-free experience for everyone. Please view the conference Code of Conduct, which you've agreed to follow as part of your attendee registration.

Learn more

Session Evaluations

Your feedback is vital! Completing session evaluations not only helps us plan and make improvements for future Summit conferences, but it helps community speakers who have volunteered their time to grow as presenters and professionals. To rate a session, click on "My Surveys" on the left-hand navigation of the Attendee Portal homepage.

Please note: session evaluation surveys will become available as soon as you've watched the session.

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