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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

PASS Data Community Summit aims to create an inclusive conference and foster a community where everyone can succeed and thrive.

How do we define diversity?

Our global community is made up of data professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. Although the list cannot be exhaustive, at our conference we explicitly honor diversity in age, gender, gender identity and expression, culture, ethnicity, language, national origin, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, physical and psychological differences, and technical ability.

Together, we strive to create an environment that values diversity, promotes an inclusive culture, and establishes a profound sense of belonging for each member of our community. We prioritize marginalized community members’ safety over privileged community members’ comfort.  

Our goal for 2024 

Our aim for PASS Data Community Summit is to achieve a widely diverse and inclusive speaker lineup that reflects the richness and variety of the data community. We believe that diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are essential components to promoting a sense of belonging and fosters a culture of learning and innovation.

We are committed to ensuring that our speakers represent different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, and that they are treated fairly and equitably throughout the Summit.

We are also transparent about our progress and challenges in reaching our DEIB goals, welcoming feedback and suggestions from our attendees, speakers, and partners. By doing so, we hope to create an event that is not only informative, but engaging, inspiring, and empowering for everyone involved.

How else do we measure diversity and celebrate an inclusive conference?

We can’t realistically measure all forms of diversity, and we rely on our speakers and attendees to provide us with this data. We recognize that building an inclusive conference and community takes time, and we want the conference to offer a platform for underrepresented speakers and attendees. 

We’ve set measures to define speaker diversity as a speaker who belongs to one (or more) of the following groups: 

  • Women, non-binary or transgender speakers 
  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) speakers 
  • Neurodivergent speakers 
  • Disabled speakers 

How you can help 

We ask you to be patient with us; building a truly inclusive experience takes time, it’s a learning experience for us as conference organizers as well as for the community, and we know we won’t get everything 100% right first time.

We also ask you to consider any biases in your interactions with other community members, and to keep in mind that diversity among the community might not always be immediately visible. Our DEI&B steering group, made up of members of the community, has been guiding us and providing valuable input to ensure we stay on track with our goals in this space.

Our steering group members are:

Ghalia Al-Ghoul 
Tracy Boggiano 
Deepthi Goguri 
Jemma Hunter 
Mala Mahadevan 
Sanil Mhatre 
Ben Weissman

If you have any suggestions or ideas on what we can do to be better, please do reach out to us via email.

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