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How to get to PASS Data Community Summit

The Seattle Convention Center (previously called the Washington State Convention Center) is centrally located in the heart of downtown Seattle and is a short walk or drive / ride share from accommodation around the city.

Check out the Summit map for more details here.

There are shuttle buses and taxis located outside the Arrivals terminal at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, Light Rail which is an easy and inexpensive method of travel to the downtown core, and Ride Share app-based options.

Getting around Seattle is easy! See the Visit Seattle travel page for information on transportation in the city.

Badge Pickup

Avoid the rush! Pick up your registration badge and attendee gift when you arrive in Seattle by visiting the Registration Desk. Registration hours are:

Date Start Time End Time Location
Sunday Nov 13 5:30 PM 8:00 PM Yakima Lobby
Monday Nov 14 7:00 AM 4:30 PM Yakima Lobby
Tuesday Nov 15 7:00 AM 7:00 PM Yakima Lobby
Wednesday Nov 16 6:00 AM 6:00 PM Atrium Lobby
Thursday Nov 17 6:45 AM 5:00 PM Atrium Lobby
Thursday Nov 18 6:45 AM 2:30 PM Atrium Lobby

Please bring your QR code (available in your registration email and the Summit app) and proof of identification with you when you pick up your badge.

Information Desk

Located in the Yakima Lobby (Sun - Tues) and Atrium Lobby (Tues - Fri), the Information Desk has answers to all your questions. Stop by, say hello, and let the friendly staff from PASS Data Community Summit help you get the most out of your experience!

Coat Check & Luggage Storage

  1. The coat check is located in Yakima 9 on Monday and Tuesday. It then moves to room 657 (behind the fireplace) on the 6th floor of the SCC from Wednesday to Friday. This is where attendees can hang their coats and umbrellas each day of the conference.
  2. The luggage storage will be in the Atrium Lobby of the SCC on Friday only. This is where attendees can stow their luggage and bags while in session before their flights out that evening. Luggage must be picked up by 4:45 PM Friday.

Program Sessions

If you haven't already done so, it's helpful to build your schedule in advance so you don't miss any of your must-attend sessions. Build your schedule two ways - through the schedule builder accessible through the PASS Data Community Summit Conference Session Catalog page or by using the PASS Data Community Summit app.

Networking and Activities

  • Sponsor-Hosted Events

    Check out the range of events being hosted by our sponsors here.

  • Community Events

    Make the most of being in-person with the data community by joining community hosted events. Remember to register in advance. See the events here.

  • Birds of a Feather Luncheon

    The Birds of a Feather Luncheon (Wednesday and Friday, 12:30-2:30PM, Dining Hall 4F) is an opportunity to discuss, debate and share your experiences with others over lunch. With over 30 topics to choose from, this activity is designed to bring people with the same passions together.


PASS Summit attendees have free wireless internet access throughout the convention center (Network Name: SUMMIT2022). This wireless network is an open network, so no WEP configuration is required. PASS Data Community Summit cannot guarantee Wi-Fi access availability in 100% of the meeting space.

To ensure effective and reasonable service quality, as well as fair usage for all users, please note the following bandwidth limit.

Bandwidth: Each user can enjoy 1 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream access speed. However, the actual connection speed will depend on the number of concurrent users, as well as the user's reception signal strength.

Download the PASS Data Community Summit App to Stay Up-to-Date!

The PASS Data Community Summit App allows you to quickly access information about the event including live session updates, on-site activities, maps, announcements, as well as the ability to customize your schedule.

It's easy – just visit the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android) and search for PASS Data Community Summit 22 and download the app. It's a great way to stay connected!

Prayer Room

There will be a Prayer room on-site for attendees to use throughout Summit. (Room Chelan 3 Monday - Tuesday, and Suite A Wednesday – Friday).

General Parking

Main Garage

  • The Main Garage can be accessed from 8th Avenue between Seneca and Pike Street.
  • The standard hours of operation for the Main Garage are 5:30 AM – 12 midnight.
  • There is no elevator access inside the Main Garage.
  • As you enter SCC from the parking structure you will be on level 3. An accessible elevator is on your right-hand side adjacent to Room 310.

Freeway Park Garage

  • The Freeway Park Garage entrance is located on Hubbell Place between Pike Street & Seneca Street.
  • The standard hours of operation for Freeway Park Garage are 6 AM – 8 PM and the garage is closed on non-event weekends.
  • As you exit the elevator you will turn to the right and proceed across Freeway Park Plaza to the Level 4 entrance of SCC. Please note that Freeway Park Plaza is an uncovered area open to the elements.

On-demand access

In-person attendees will have access to in-person and online live stream sessions during the week of Summit, until Sunday, November 20, 11:59pm PST, after which time the On-demand Session Recordings access will be required (available for purchase).


How to join a live session

In order to join a session live you need to add the session(s) to your personalized "My Schedule" page. To do this, visit the Session catalog and start 'scheduling' the sessions you wish to attend live. Your upcoming sessions will be listed on the attendee portal Homepage and in your My Schedule. Just click on the "Join session" button at the start time to join them live.

If you are experiencing problems with accessing the session altogether, please try clicking on the session title and using the “join session” button in there. If this still does not work, please contact with subject "cannot access live session" and the following information:

  • Which browsers/operating systems you have tried
  • Screenshots of any error messages

Start scheduling

How to join a live Q&A session

Please note that live Q&As are linked with on-demand sessions.

Make sure to watch the session in advance of attending the Q&A.

The on-demand sessions can be found here.

We have created the following FAQ info sheet to help you have a smooth experience as an attendee. If you are experiencing issues with your audio/mic/webcam, make sure that no other application is linked to your devices and review this info. You can review full FAQs on the tech used for the interactive speaker Q&As.

If you are experiencing problems with accessing the session altogether, please try clicking on the session title and using the “join session” button in there. If this still does not work, please contact with subject "cannot access live session" and the following information:

  • Which browsers/operating systems you have tried
  • Screenshots of any error messages

Check your tech

If you are experiencing an issue with audio or visual when you enter a live session:

We suggest the following troubleshooting options which have proved to solve the issue:

  • Try using Chrome or Firefox as your web browser
  • Try rebooting your machine
  • Try accessing the 'View session' link by getting to the session through the session catalog in the attendee portal instead of your My Schedule, or a previously downloaded calendar invite
  • Click the session title, then click "Join session"
  • Ensure no other applications are linked to your webcam/audio devices
  • Disconnect from any VPN
  • Check firewall settings
  • Turn off content blockers

Please remember that all live sessions will be available right away and will be available to view on-demand for 3 months, so you will have plenty of time to catch up with them if you do miss one!

Online Help Desk

Accessible from the Connect tab, simply hop into the interactive Help Desk room in the Community Zone and ask the Summit Team any questions you may have about the conference. The team is dedicated to making your online experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible, and this interactive area will be open throughout the conference, so please stop by at any time during conference hours. If you have a technical query, please review the above resources and if in doubt, please email with a screenshot of your issue, session info and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Visit the help desk


At PASS Data Community Summit you can join the conversation from wherever you are in the world—now that's something to celebrate! We hope you'll take some time out between sessions to visit the interactive Community Zone (online under the Connect tab), where you can experience serendipitous "hallway chats" typical at in-person events. You'll be able to jump into online video-networking powered by SpatialChat, an innovative platform that provides immersive networking experiences for conference attendees.


If you cannot share your screen in the Community Zone…

The only rooms with screenshare enabled are:

  • Help Desk
  • Games Room
  • SQL Karaoke

If you have attempted to share your screen in any of these rooms and cannot, this problem may be related to your Network Security, VPN, or antivirus.

If you find this is not the issue, actions which can help are:

  • Refreshing the page
  • Clearing cache
  • Restarting browser
  • Closing unnecessary browser tabs
  • Closing programs that can use the camera (for example, zoom)
  • Trying Incognito Mode

For more information on system settings recommendations SpatialChat have some helpful documentation.

Visit the Sponsors to learn—and win!

This year's Expo Lounge features some of the leading providers and innovators in the data technology space. Visit our Expo Lounge to interact with sponsors & exhibitors, and learn about the latest tools available to help you. There will be special Live Expo Hours where you can text chat with sponsor representatives and get answers in real time. Collect points by completing different challenges, earn digital ribbons, and climb up the leaderboard for daily giveaways!

Visit the Expo Lounge

On-Demand Access

Remember, all registered Online attendees will have On-Demand Access to the sessions within the event platform for 3 months following the event, so you can relive conference content afterwards at a time that best suits your schedule.

View sessions

PASS Data Community Summit Code of Conduct

Summit is intended to be a safe, welcoming, and inclusive experience for all attendees. We're committed to ensuring that the conference is an enjoyable and harassment-free experience for everyone. Please view the conference Code of Conduct, which you've agreed to follow as part of your attendee registration.

Learn more

Session Evaluations

Your feedback is vital! Completing session evaluations not only helps us plan and make improvements for future Summit conferences, but it helps community speakers who have volunteered their time to grow as presenters and professionals. To rate a session, click on "My Surveys" on the left-hand navigation of the Attendee Portal homepage.

Please note: session evaluation surveys will become available as soon as you've watched the session.

See your sessions

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