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November 8-12

Free online conference

About PASS Data Community Summit 2021

PASS Data Community Summit 2021 is the year's largest gathering of Microsoft data platform professionals.

PASS Data Community Summit 2022 - a hybrid conference in Seattle & online

Everyone registered for this year's event gets access to session recordings and has a chance to win a place at next year's hybrid conference in Seattle.

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Free, online Summit

For 2021, the Summit is free, to welcome the largest group of data platform professionals from across the globe. We're aiming to recreate the buzzing spirit of the PASS community and support you in developing your career and expertise.

Community led

Almost 1,000 of you have shared your insights with us about what you want from 2021's Summit, and we're using your feedback to shape the content for the event this November.


Supporting the diversity, equity & inclusion of attendees and speakers is a top priority for the Summit team. We ask that attendees do their part to create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment that everyone can enjoy. Stay tuned for updates on the conference activities dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our community.

World class speakers

Speakers will cover data management, analytics, architecture, and professional development, offering fresh content on the latest trends and technologies. There'll be opportunities to meet the speakers for Q&A in a group and 1:1.

Hosted by Redgate

Redgate has been part of the SQL Server community for over 21 years. We're proud to be hosting the largest event for data platform professionals.

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How to join a live session

In order to join a session live you need to add the session(s) to your personalized "My Schedule" page. To do this, visit the Session catalog and start 'scheduling' the sessions you wish to attend live. Your upcoming sessions will be listed as upcoming session on the attendee portal Homepage and in your My Schedule. Just click on the "Join session" button at the start time to join them live.

Start scheduling

If you are experiencing problems with accessing the session altogether, please try clicking on the session title and using the "join session" button in there. If this still does not work, please contact with subject "Cannot access live session" and the following information:

  • Which browsers/operating systems you have tried
  • Screenshots of any error messages

I am having trouble registering for the Summit, what should I do?

Please try the following:

  • Clear cookies
  • F5 or open in a new tab
  • Use Chrome as the browser
  • Check and ensure you have input the correct information into each field (e.g zip/postal code in the correct box)
  • Check security settings in your browser/firewall
  • For unreceived emails, please check your spam/junk folder or check your company security filter to see if it’s caught there

If you are still experiencing an issue with your registration, please send the following to so that we can help troubleshoot for you:

  • A screenshot of the issue/error message
  • A brief outline of what happened when you tried to register

I have tried to reset my password but have not received a reset password email, what should I do?

Please drop us a line on with the following information and we will work to resolve the problem:

  • Email address used to register
  • Which browser used when requesting the reset password email
  • If registered with a company email address, which email filter your company uses (for example: SpamCop or SignalSpam)

What timezone is the Summit taking place in?

The online event is taking place from 8AM - 5:30PM in Eastern Time. This time zone fits with the majority of current registrations.

Why virtual?

While COVID-19 is still prevalent, there are restrictions on travel as well as social distancing around the globe. Under those circumstances, we can't guarantee that an in-person event in the fall would be possible and be safe for the community. Like most of you, we're very keen to see an in-person event in the future, but we don't want to see anyone's health at risk, from our attendees, sponsors, and staff.

While national and international travel isn't logistically possible for everyone right now —and while the world is still adjusting to new circumstances around work, home, and family responsibilities — we hope that you lean-in to this free online conference in 2021 and have hope for the future.

While this year's Summit won't be in-person, we'll be doing everything we can to rebuild the buzzing spirit of the PASS Community and create a valuable online experience that will support your career, connections, and learning.

How much on-demand content will there be?

All on-demand sessions (67% of this year's sessions) will be available in advance of their scheduled Live Q&A.

On-demand sessions for Live Q&As taking place on Wednesday, Nov 10, will be available from Tuesday, Nov 9, and all other on-demand sessions for Live Q&As taking place on Thursday, Nov 11 or Friday, Nov 12, will be available on Wednesday, Nov 10.

The remaining 33% of live sessions will be available on-demand following going live, so you'll be able to catch-up afterwards if the live time doesn't suit your schedule.

Why is it free?

Because we're streaming this year's Summit, there are no costs for a convention venue, food, or accommodation, which are the largest outgoings for in-person events. By removing the typical PASS Summit price-tag, we hope to welcome the largest group of data platform professionals together to learn and discover what this community is all about. The 2021 PASS Data Community Summit will be hosted by Redgate, and we'll be collaborating with partners and vendors across the data platform ecosystem. Together, we'll make this year's online conference an engaging and memorable experience for all.

Will there be Pre-conference Sessions this year?

Yes! There will be Pre-conference Sessions kicking off PASS Data Community Summit 2021 on Monday November 8 and Tuesday November 9. The list showing the 16 sessions available is here. All sessions are full-day (~8hrs) and will be taking place in the time zone of the speaker's choice. At the speaker's request, these full-day sessions will not be recorded or available on-demand afterwards.

Can I purchase two pre-con sessions on the same day?

Unfortunately not. You may purchase two pre-con sessions but these must be on different days.

There are two sessions happening at the same time and I want to watch them both. What do I do?

Don't worry about session clashes! The live sessions will be available on-demand after their scheduled timeslot, so you can catch up with them at a time convenient to you. We advise scheduling the sessions you most want to see live and favoriting all the sessions you wish to watch on-demand so you can keep track of them.

2021 Summit Pre-conference rates

2021 Summit pre-conference attendee fees are charged at $200 per pre-con, per session, per attendee. Please note that fees exclude any applicable taxes. All proceeds will be given to the speakers, or donated to a charity of the speaker's choosing (please check the details when selecting the pre-conference session during registrations). There are also two free Microsoft workshops happening on Monday and Tuesday and these are free to attend.

What is the PASS Data Community Summit?

PASS Data Community Summit 2021 is the relaunch of PASS Summit, the largest gathering of data professionals focused on the Microsoft platform.

Building on 21 years as the event to attend if you want to stay on top of rapidly changing trends in data, Redgate is hosting this year's Summit as a free online conference for the data platform community to connect, share, and learn with thousands of their peers.

Attendees will hear from industry-leading experts, make connections that advance their careers, and discover cutting-edge products and services for the Microsoft data platform.

Why is it called PASS Data Community Summit?

We've put a lot of thought into what this year's Summit should be called.

PASS no longer exists and we're not trying to replace it, but the PASS Summit has huge recognition in the data platform community, and a lot of good memories associated with it. We've always had an excellent experience at the conference as sponsors in the past and as attendees.

To reflect that we want to build on that experience and that legacy, and that we're going to maintain that quality and breadth of content, we've decided to keep PASS Summit as part of the name.

While we're not looking to replicate PASS, we do want to revive this annual gathering, the largest event for data platform professionals, and continue to support the people who have been part of the PASS community.

We felt that keeping the reference to 'PASS' welcomes all previous members of the community.

By adding 'Data community' we're aiming to welcome everyone who works with data to join in to connect, share and learn on a global scale.

What happened to PASS?

The PASS organization ceased operations in January 2021 and Redgate acquired the assets. Find out more about Redgate's plans on the blog.

I've got a question about something else, who can I contact?

Please either drop us an email on or send us a DM on twitter @PASSDataSummit and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to join a live Q&A session

Please note that live Q&As are linked with on-demand sessions and we recommend that you view the session in advance of attending the Q&A. View the on-demand sessions.

Please follow the instructions above, but it’s worth calling out that because the Live speaker Q&A sessions are interactive you may also want to do a tech-check, so that when you join you’ll be able to access your camera/microphone (as needed). We have created the following FAQ info sheet to help you have a smooth experience as an attend. If you are experiencing issues with your audio/mic/webcam, make sure that no other application is linked to your devices and review this info. You can review full FAQs on the tech used for the interactive speaker Q&As.

If you are experiencing problems with accessing the session altogether, please try clicking on the session title and using the "join session" button in there. If this still does not work, please contact with subject “Cannot access live session” and the following information:

  • Which browsers/operating systems you have tried
  • Screenshots of any error messages

If you are experiencing an issue with audio or visual when you enter a live session...

We suggest the following troubleshooting options which have proved to solve the issue:

  • Try using Chrome or Firefox as your web browser
  • Try rebooting your machine
  • Try accessing the 'View session' link by getting to the session through the session catalog in the attendee portal instead of your My Schedule, or a previously downloaded calendar invite
  • Click the session title, then click "Join session"
  • Ensure no other applications are linked to your webcam/audio devices
  • Disconnect from any VPN
  • Check any firewall settings
  • Turn off any content blockers

Please remember that all live sessions will be available right away and will be available to view on-demand for 6 months, so you will have plenty of time to catch up with them if you do miss one!

If you cannot share your screen in the Community Zone...

The only rooms with screenshare enabled are:

  • Help Desk
  • Games Room
  • SQL Karaoke

If you have attempted to share your screen in any of these rooms and cannot, this problem may be related to your Network Security, VPN, or antivirus.

If you find this is not the issue, actions which can help are:

  • Refreshing the page
  • Clearing cache
  • Restarting your browser
  • Closing unnecessary browser tabs
  • Closing programs that can use the camera (for example, Zoom)
  • Trying Incognito mode

More information on system settings recommendations

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