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New look for PASS Data Community Summit 2024!

March 19, 2024

Introducing a new look for the same conference you know and love…


We’re excited to let you know that we have been working on new branding and design concepts for PASS Data Community Summit 2024, which we’ll unveil when registration opens shortly. 

Rest assured, this year’s conference will retain everything the data community have come to know and love about this truly special event. We felt that given this year marks 25 years since the conference began, it was an ideal time to give the brand a fresh look!  

In practical terms, you’ll notice changes in some design elements, such as our logo. We’ve also spent some time revamping the website, so you’ll notice changes to the color scheme, photography, design and branding. All of the information and materials you need will be in the same place as before, so you’ll be able to use the website (and Attendee Portal once registered) as you have done previously. 

We know that the majority of the data community affectionately refer to the event as PASS, which goes back to its long history. P.A.S.S used to be an acronym which stood for ‘Professional Association for SQL Server’. When the Association dissolved in 2021, Redgate stepped in and acquired the assets so that the community could continue to connect, share and learn each year through the Summit in Seattle.  

We’ve decided to retain ‘PASS’ in our branding as we recognize its huge significance to the community, and its importance to the heritage of the conference. The full name of the event will remain PASS Data Community Summit, and we’ll use PASS Summit, or PASS, for short. 

PASS Summit as an event now stands for: 

  • Continuous learning and development in the database software industry, 
  • A community of likeminded individuals, 
  • Support and guidance, help and advice, 
  • Learning about a range of database platforms, from SQL Server to PostgreSQL to MongoDB to Snowflake, 
  • Understanding about AI and Cloud, learning about technology industry megatrends as they impact the database industry. 


Multiple databases at PASS Summit 2024 

The results from the Community Insights Survey continue to indicate a majority interest in SQL Server, however, continuing the trend from 2023 there remains a strong appetite for Microsoft Fabric and a rising interest in managing multiple database platforms.  

Of the top database platforms of interest, based on 740 votes by 351 respondents, SQL Server tops the list at 96%, PostgreSQL follows it up next with 37% interest. Other database platforms to note are Snowflake at 19%, MySQL at 18%, MongoDB at 13%, Oracle at 11%, and Google Big Query at 9.%.  

Last year, at PASS Data Community Summit 2023, we received great feedback after introducing new sessions on PostgreSQL, so we intend to keep expanding our session content to include other databases in addition to SQL Server, and welcome more of the data community in 2024.  

What’s next? 

Registration for PASS Summit 2024 will launch shortly. Make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list to be the first to know when tickets have been released so you can secure yours at the best possible price.  

We look forward to welcoming the data community to PASS Data Community Summit 2024!   

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