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November 14-17

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What to Look Out for When Migrating your Data to the Cloud; Is it REALLY the Right Choice?

Emanuele Meazzo

It has been “the year of the Cloud” for many years now, companies are slowly but surely moving to cloud services like Azure and AWS; businesses are expecting given cost reductions in both infrastructure and personnel, but is that really the case? (spoiler: no)

I’ve seen too many companies move to the cloud “because we’ve heard that’s the way to go these days” and completely miss the expected results because it was a mere business decision without the necessary technical research.

In this session we’ll explore the move to the cloud from a data professional perspective, helping you evaluate if moving to the cloud is the right thing for your business, and if so how to do it in order to avoid having performance issues and more expenses than before.

We’ll then review the role of the Database Administrator to understand how it can evolve to bring even more (tangible) value to the business.

At the end of this session you’ll be able to evaluate if and how to make the move in a way that will actually benefit the business, the developers and, of course, you!

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