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November 14-17

In person. In Seattle

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SQL Server 2022: The hybrid data platform

Bob Ward

SQL Server has included capabilities to connect to the cloud for years. SQL Server 2022 moves hybrid to the next level with features to connect you to Azure for disaster recovery, near real-time analytics, and security. Come take a deep dive in this session for all the existing and new hybrid capabilities of SQL Server. See how to easily setup a managed disaster recovery site in the cloud with Azure SQL Managed Instance. Use Synapse link to harness the power of Azure Synapse Analytics for near real-time analytics. Use Azure Purview integration to establish access rights across your SQL Server instances. And there is more. I have experts with me in this session to answer your questions live! SQL Server 2022 is the most cloud-connect release yet and this is the session to learn more how it all works.

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