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Model and Partition Data for Azure Cosmos DB – A Distributed, NoSQL Database for Infinite Scale

Mark Brown

The era of cloud computing has ushered in a new generation where applications now demand unprecedented levels of scale and size. It is not entirely uncommon now for workloads to ingest vast quantities of data per second or grow to Petabytes in size. Enter NoSQL databases which were designed specifically to deal with these unique challenges.

In this session we will take a subset of the Adventure Works 2017 database and migrate it from a relational database to a partitioned, NoSQL database for an e-commerce workload. You will learn the tips, tricks and techniques for modeling and partitioning data for a NoSQL database. Along the way you will also learn why and how NoSQL databases are different than relational databases and how they can allow your application to grow to unlimited scale and size while maintaining millisecond response times.

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