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November 14-17

In person. In Seattle

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Managing Your Data Services Spend with Azure Cost Management

Dustin Dorsey

Cloud technologies provide us so many benefits to get us what we need very quickly with its extensive library of services, easy to deploy infrastructure, and flexibility to scale. However, without proper control and monitoring, you can end up with some unpleasant surprises when your bill arrives. In this session, I will dive through some of the amazing features available in Azure Cost Management and show you how to use it to avoid this and maximize your Azure data services spend. We will first look at the critical role that planning and proper governance play in managing your costs, and then transition into a demo heavy look at Azure Cost Management in the portal. Here I will show you how to analyze spends, effectively use budgets, create alerting, and provide several tips and remediation steps on things you should look for that can signal overspends. I will also show you how you can use this tool to showcase the immediate financial savings from activities such as performance tuning and optimization. As data professionals, it is easy for us to just focus on the technology and cast aside items such as cost management, but this is an important aspect that your knowledge and expertise is essential to the success of.

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