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November 14-17

In person. In Seattle

2021 Summit video library

Load Data In Near Real Time Using Azure Streaming Analytics

Jeremy Frye

Have you ever wondered how vehicle sensors send messages to apply brakes instantaneously to prevent an accident? Maybe you are curious in how a social media post can trigger sentiment analysis, allowing a business or moderator to respond or take action immediately. Advancements in technology have increased the capability of generating and distributing various data points in greater volume and speeds more than ever. As data professionals, we need the ability to process and manage this data quicker to drive the solutions needed for our businesses to thrive effectively. In this session, we will discuss streaming data sets, its business use cases and using Azure Stream Analytics to ingest, store and analyze it in near real time. We will walk through an end-to-end business solution for pushing data into an Azure Synapse dedicated SQL pool. Attendees will learn how to configure Event Hubs and Streaming Jobs in Azure Synapse to make data readily available for querying or reporting in a matter of seconds.

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