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November 14-17

In person. In Seattle

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Learning PowerShell as a DBA

Ben Miller

There are a lot of people talking about PowerShell and they should be. Where are you in the PowerShell continuum? As one of the original PowerShell DBAs, I have been using PowerShell from the start and using SMO and automation since version 9 (SQL 2005). I want to show you how you can get started and begin your Learning Pathway (LP), so that you can leverage this tool in your work. It is not hard, but with this primer you will be able to get stuff done more simply and begin your journey to using this powerful tool in your daily work. I will begin with environment and then move in to syntax and tricks to know as a DBA and then finish with some simple tools putting together basic knowledge and steps so that it becomes real. It is a journey not an event for most people. Join me in my quest to be the best PowerShell DBA out there.

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