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November 14-17

In person. In Seattle

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Introduction to Unit Testing with tSQLt

Sebastian Meine

Do you want to make it easier to find and fix issues with your SQL Server application? Do you sometimes feel anxious before a release, because you aren’t quite sure if you have tested everything? Do you spend more time dealing with new issues and regressions (eek!) than writing new features?

Unit testing can make a huge difference in how easy it is to maintain your existing code and how quickly new features get to production. But how do you get started?

Come to this session by the original author of the open-source unit testing framework tSQLt and write your first test.

We’ll walk through the necessary prerequisites including preparing your SQL Server instance and installing tSQLt. We’ll write some simple tests together so that you’ll be on your way to writing T-SQL code that is resilient and easier to change and maintain over time. And finally, we’ll also talk a little bit about how to show the value of unit testing to your team.

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