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Intro to Azure Data Factory for SSIS Developers

Brijeet Akula

Its 2021, and bit by bit, more things are starting to move to the cloud! You are an SSIS developer and have already tinkered around with some of the offerings in Azure, or even created an ADF resource already. But, its not too clear on exactly how all the components within ADF come into play. This session will do just that! We will walk through Azure Data Factory from the point of view of an SSIS developer, comparing components of ADF back to familiar things in SSIS. e.g. Where do my connection managers go? Where are the packages and Projects? This session will clear up all those things. We’ll take a look at an existing SSIS package and re-author that in the new ADF tool.

After this session, you will be able to go back and start creating ADF pipelines just as easily as you did with SSIS packages!

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