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November 14-17

In person. In Seattle

2021 Summit video library

DIY Database Clones – On Demand Video

Tonie Huizer

Database DevOps techniques require an easy way to provision many copies of a database, even a large database, for development work and especially for testing work. Ideally, these databases should be disposable and easy to create; developers should be able to spin up a copy of a specific version of a SQL Server database, complete with data, whenever they need it.

In this session we build a basic proof-of-concept system that could give someone the experience in working with the clone technology which is already available in any Windows System and the benefits it can bring to their Database DevOps processes. This session could also be practical for all sorts of Windows-based database systems with large data sizes.

• The what and why
o Disposable Databases
o What’s on the market?
• How can we DIY it?
o Microsoft Volume Shadow Service
o Windows Disk Management
o Demo 1
• Less DIY, more community
o Sqlcollaborative/dbaclone
o Demo 2

The targeted audience can be developers that need fast and disposable database copies.
But also, team managers that see that developers take too much time in provisioning databases (without cloning).

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