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November 14-17

In person. In Seattle

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Disaster Recovery Techniques for Azure SQL DB & Managed Instance

John Morehouse

A database is often the heart and soul of any application. The data contained within it is the business so ensuring that it’s protected is a great thing and is highly recommended. Yet, organizations that move their SQL Server databases to the platform as a service databases like Azure SQL Database or Managed Instance don’t think about disaster recovery. Bah! It’s the Cloud all my data is protected by magic! It’s in the cloud! Sorry to say, data loss can happen to anyone, so you need to have a plan. What happens if a user runs a delete with no where clause? Or if a cost-saving administrator deletes your database resource? In this session we will examine various disaster recovery techniques such as backup and restore as well as a deeper dive into active geo-replication and automatic failover groups. We’ll cover different ways that you can recover from unplanned events using these methods and make sure that your business is safe and sound! If you are contemplating using or moving to Azure SQL, this is a session that you don’t want to miss.

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