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November 14-17

In person. In Seattle

2021 Summit video library

Data Pages, Allocation Units, IAM Chains Oh My!…

Brandon Leach

Understanding how SQL Server organizes your data can seem like a daunting task. But we will make it fun by telling humorous stories from my past as we go through the concepts.

You’ll hear how these concepts tie in to your work as a DBA or developer. You’ll get to see the concepts in action through demos and learn how you can use this knowledge to design better solutions. We will also demo look at some neat tools to help you dig in and learn further.

We will cover the following:
• The three basic types of storage in SQL Server (Allocation Units)

• The physical structure of a rows and pages

• Differences in how SQL Server works with heaps and clustered indexes

• How pages are allocated and tracked

• How to use various tools to continue your learning

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