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Build Serverless, Full Stack Applications in Azure SQL (plus IoT!)

Anna Hoffman

In this workshop, join the Azure SQL Product Group to learn how developing apps with modern database capabilities, CI/CD and DevOps, backend API development, Iot, and more become easier, more efficient, and more performant with Azure SQL Database. This workshop will focus on two real world scenarios that you can modify for your projects. The main scenario includes learning how to create, build, and deploy modern full stack applications in Azure with the language of your choice (Python, Node.js, .NET) and with a Vue.js frontend. The second scenario includes building IoT solutions that scale with the support of Azure SQL Database. Through these solutions, you will get familiar with Azure SQL Database (Hyperscale and Serverless), Azure Functions, Azure Static Web Apps, Logic Apps, VS Code, Azure IoT Hub, and GitHub Actions.

Both scenarios include FREE hands-on exercises that you can complete during or after the workshop.