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Kicking off each day of Summit from 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM PT, keynotes are presented in-person and live-streamed from the Microsoft Keynote Room in the Seattle Convention Centre.

Keynote Speaker

Rohan Kumar Profile Picture

Rohan Kumar

CVP, Microsoft Azure Data

Wednesday Keynote

Day 1 Keynote -- Transform your Data Estate with Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform

Join Microsoft's Rohan Kumar and senior Microsoft engineering leaders for a keynote delivered live from Seattle. We'll showcase how Microsoft's Intelligent Data Platform, including databases, analytics, and governance can seamlessly integrate to transform your data estate.

Keynote Speakers

Jakub Lamik Profile Picture Steve Jones Profile Picture Kathi Kellenberger Profile Picture

Jakub Lamik, Steve Jones, and Kathi Kellenberger

CEO, Advocate, and Customer Success Engineer, Redgate Software

Thursday Keynote

Day 2 Keynote -- Doing more with less: The challenges ahead for every data professional

These are challenging times for every business everywhere. So how can you ensure you get the most from your investment in IT, to meet your needs now, while also preparing you for an uncertain future? Join Jakub Lamik, Steve Jones and Kathi Kellenberger in this keynote which looks at how the world is changing for data professionals, and the areas to focus on which will bring the best return on your investment in the long term.

Keynote Speaker

Kimberly Tripp Profile Picture

Kimberly Tripp

President / Founder, SQLskills

Friday Keynote

Community Keynote -- 30+ Years of Innovation: How Do We Keep Up with Technology?

Over the 30+ years I've been working with SQL Server, I've seen an incredible amount of innovation and change. How do we keep up with so many changes and how do we know how and when to implement them when there are so many options?

I've always said that my favorite thing about SQL Server is that you can solve virtually any problem – by knowing the right way to solve it. Each feature has options and tweaks that make it better suited for some scenarios and inappropriate for others. And that's led us to the “it depends” response. However, "it depends" is not the answer, it's just the beginning. The beginning of a process where you understand your goals, design your strategy / prototype, and apply the appropriate technology after you've defined your specifications.

But how do you keep up with the innovation? How do you keep your team happy? Learning, Sharing, and Growing – these are the mainstays of a cohesive and productive team not to mention, the best way to leverage such a powerful platform.

Keynote Speakers

Adnan Ijaz Profile Picture Omar Jaber Profile Picture Camden Iliff Profile Picture

Adnan Ijaz, Omar Jaber, and Camden Iliff

Director of Product Management, Commercial Software Services at AWS, Software Engineering Principal Architect at Salesforce, Vice President of Product at Aeries

On-Demand Keynote

On-Demand Keynote -- Build a modern data strategy and put your data to work with AWS

A modern data strategy can help you manage, access and scale your data so you can make better decisions, respond faster, and uncover new opportunities. In this keynote, we’ll explore the outcome-driven pathways AWS designed to simplify SQL Server transformation for organizations like yours. Hear directly from AWS customers on their stories of migrating and modernizing SQL Server workloads, reaping the benefits of the AWS Cloud and unlocking innovation velocity.