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November 8-12

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Learning pathways

Learning pathways are a curated, progressive series of sessions designed to help you master specific learning outcomes. Develop real skills you can implement in your career today.

Learning pathway

Become an Azure Data Engineer

As the need for Data Scientists continues to grow, so too does the demand for an evolving Data Engineer. Discover what an Azure Data Engineer is and what you need to learn to step into this critical role.

Join our Become an Azure Data Engineer learning pathway to understand what this role is and what you need to know, or already know, in topics such as Azure Data Factory, Data Lakes, and Azure Databricks. You will leave this learning pathway with everything you need to begin your journey in becoming an Azure Data Engineer.

Learning pathway


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have revolutionized the technologies we use and the nature of our work, and leveraging these tools has become increasingly essential for the modern data professional.

Throughout our AI & ML Learning Pathway, you’ll start with the fundamentals of designing and deploying AI & ML systems, and progress through to how to optimize for performance and maintain your processes across Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse, Python, and much more.

Learning pathway

Cloud Migrations

With more and more companies moving their data to the cloud it is increasingly important to understand how to do it right, and where to go. Every solution has pros and cons, but what are they? Which one makes the most sense for your environment? How do you build a solid cloud migration plan and set yourself up for success? While this can feel overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.

Join our Cloud Migration learning pathway to hear from industry leading migration experts and some of the world’s foremost cloud providers. We will show you how to assess your environment, build your plan, pick your cloud solution, and then how to migrate. You will leave this pathway with the confidence to build your own plan, and migrate to the cloud.

Learning pathway

Data Security & Governance

Data security & governance are among the most complex issues for a data professional when managing SQL Server, yet they’re also two of the most important, especially when sensitive data is on the line. But how can you counter security threats? How can you implement processes to better protect your customers’ data?

Join our Data Security & Governance learning pathway to learn how to design secure and compliant database applications and protect your SQL Server. You will leave this pathway knowing how to launch and audit a data governance program and how to monitor your SQL Server security at scale.

Learning pathway

DBA Basics

The role of the DBA is complex and covers a wide spectrum of responsibilities including performance, compliance, and security of business databases.

Join our DBA Basics learning pathway to get started on the fundamental requirements of a DBA and take a deeper look at some of the technologies that will be essential in your role.

Learning pathway

Database DevOps

DevOps practices have been embraced by most successful organizations, but including databases in DevOps has its own challenges.

Join the Database DevOps learning pathway to learn about version control, automating deployments, unit testing, and more.

Learning pathway

Power BI

Power BI is the leading analytics tool from Microsoft with visualizations and insights for the entire organization.

Join this learning pathway to get started with Power BI, learn best practices, administer Power BI, and more.

Learning pathway

Query Basics

It doesn’t matter which role you have as a data professional, querying the database is an essential skill.

Join this learning pathway to learn T-SQL from the beginning including joining tables, updating data, and advanced features such as constraints.

Learning pathway

Query Tuning

Inefficient queries can drain your database server resources and reduce overall performance. It is vital that you optimize queries individually and holistically to minimize impact on the performance of your data platform. But how to tackle these very complicated issues where something that works great one minute, is terrible the next? What techniques can you use to optimize queries so that they execute faster with the least impact to the rest of the system?

Join our Query Performance Tuning learning pathway to explore the tools and best practices for optimizing your SQL queries. Not only will you learn how to find and solve query performance issues, but you will also discover how to increase overall query performance and how to anticipate decreased performance in the future. Don’t wait to build efficient, beautiful queries that will run smoothly and be the game-changer in your applications!

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