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November 8-12

Free online conference


This year, there will be three keynotes – one on each day of the free online conference – to start your day of live streaming. We're also delighted to be announcing the first ever Community Keynote, which will take place on Friday, November 12.

Keynote Speaker

Brent Ozar Profile Picture

Brent Ozar

I make Microsoft SQL Server go faster.


Community Keynote -- 5 Ways the Cloud Impacts Your Career

Succeeding as a data professional is all about placing the right bets at the right times. The more you know about what's happening around you, the better bets you can place.

I'm Brent Ozar, and I've been working with databases for over two decades. In this session, I'll invite you into my home to have a frank, honest discussion about where our industry has been recently, and where it's heading next. We'll look at how that will impact the available jobs in our industry, and how it impacts where you focus your spare training time. We'll even look at job ads and resumes in an effort to help you stand out.

In one hour, I can't make you a pro at everything - but I can help you understand where you need to be a pro, and how to make your resume reflect that.

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