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November 8-12

Free online conference

Panel Discussions

Throughout the week, there will be a selection of discussion panels, bringing together the experiences and perspectives of data professionals from across the community.

Stay tuned for more panel discussions to be announced in the coming weeks.


Chris Voss Profile Picture

Chris Voss

A SQL Developer who is still figuring this out like everyone else

Jean Joseph Profile Picture

Jean Joseph

Data Engineer

Anuja Malik Profile Picture

Anuja Malik

Senior Database Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Surbhi Pokharna Profile Picture

Surbhi Pokharna

Charles River Development, Lead Database Reliability Engineer

Hasham Niaz Profile Picture

Hasham Niaz

Data & Analytics, BlizTech

Deepthi Goguri Profile Picture

Deepthi Goguri

SQL Database Administrator


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel -- Navigating the Storm

The world is changing fast around us. We need to learn to adapt as part of that we need to more pay attention to diversity and inclusion in our workplaces and our community. The road isn't smooth that leads to equality but we all can play and important role in getting the road smoother. In this panel discussion, we will discuss topics that will help you navigate your way through issues at work and in the data community around diversity and inclusion and learn the struggles of your peers and how to be of help.


Cindy Gross Profile Picture

Cindy Gross

Ex-techie, Generative Coach, Adaptive Community Leader, & founder of Befriending Dragons

Ben Weissman Profile Picture

Ben Weissman

Works with computers

Denisha Malone Profile Picture

Denisha Malone

Business intelligence solutions architect

Blythe Morrow Profile Picture

Blythe Morrow

Managing Director at Paper Sword B2B

Jennifer Marsman Profile Picture

Jennifer Marsman

Microsoft, Principal Engineer


Women In Technology Panel -- Gender Equality: How far have we come?

Women remain a minority in the tech industry at all levels. A 2020 Institute study found that women are 28.8% of the tech workforce, a steady increase from 25.9% in 2018. However, women continue to leave the industry at rates far higher than cis men and the gains are not equal across race, ethnicity, age, or level. Per the Kapor Institute the American tech industry loses $16 billion every year replacing people who report leaving for unfairness. In this panel discussion we look at how far we’ve come and what we still need to do to reach fair pay, hiring, and retention in the tech workforce. WE aren’t the problem, WE are the solution. When we see, understand, and rebuild the systems around us in alignment with community values, everyone can thrive.