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November 8-12

Free online conference

Info for speakers

A huge thanks to everyone speaking at the PASS Data Community Summit 2021.

Online conference logistics

The conference platform

We are pleased to share that this year's conference will be delivered through the RainFocus online conference platform. This platform allows for integration with Kaltura, an online streaming platform. Whether you're presenting your session live (connecting to Kaltura through Zoom) or joining a live speaker Q&A session (using the Kaltura Meeting Experience) the aim is that you have as smooth a session as possible, and both you and session attendees have a great experience.

The speakers portal contains all you need

You'll need to register (or log in) to the online platform in order to access your speaker profile. Build your own agenda, upload your pre-recorded session (where necessary), and access the link to present your live session or live Q&A session.

Note: Sessions in the catalog that do not have a scheduled date and time will be available to view on demand when the conference starts.

Speaker Q&A

For speakers pre-recording their session, you'll have a live Q&A slot in which to interact with attendees. Depending on when this is scheduled for you may find that attendees have either already watched your session on-demand, or are about to watch it. We look forward to seeing the interactivity that these Q&A sessions bring for speakers and attendees.

Important dates

November 8 - 9

Pre-con sessions

Pre-conference sessions will be live streamed on the Monday and Tuesday and be paid for by attendees, with all proceeds given to the speakers or to charity.

November 10 - 12

PASS Data Community Summit free online conference takes place live

All on-demand sessions (67% of this year's sessions) will be available in advance of the Live Q&A session. On-demand sessions for Live Q&As taking place on Wednesday, Nov 10, will be available from Tuesday, Nov 9, and all other on-demand sessions for Live Q&As will be available on Wednesday, Nov 10.

All live sessions (33% of sessions) will be available on-demand following going live, so you'll be able to catch-up afterwards if the live time doesn't suit your schedule.

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